Autoexec.bat questions

  Eraflooz 06:47 03 Feb 2003

Hey now Guys 'n' Gals! I had recently had a program called EZ Plant installed, and subsequently uninstalled, on my system and I noticed on boot that it had "SET EZPLANT" displayed at one point...even after the uninstall. My q. is how do i go about removing this from the boot process? Also if anyone can point me to a free tech course i would be most grateful...i am anxious to better understand the internal workings of these infernal machines...ty for the time...

  Gongoozler 07:23 03 Feb 2003

Hi Eraflooz. You don't say what version of Windows you are using, however all versions from Windows 95 onwards don't really need Autoexec.bat or Config.sys. These are both DOS files to load software needed by the computer until Windows takes over. Use Notepad to edit C:\ AUTOEXEC.BAT. First save a copy as AUTOEXEC.OLD, then look for the line referring to EZPLANT. Modify the line by adding to it the letters REM, so if the line says SET EZPLANT it will now say REM SET EZPLANT, your computer will then interpret it as a remark and so ignore it. Save the file as AUTOEXEC.BAT and close Notepad. If your computer gets upset about the change, you can easily reverse it.

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