autoexec.bat and config.sys

  reddwarfcrew 11:45 12 Jan 2003
  reddwarfcrew 11:45 12 Jan 2003

Hi, I'm running win98se and have just had windows go and throw a bit of a wobbly and crash and decide to delete various files.

I'm up and running again, but have noticed that my autoexec.bat and config.sys are completely empty? Should this be the case?


My setup is:

default win98se installation
office 2000
logitech mouse + mouseware
paint shop pro 7
HP 815c usb printer
hp 4400c scanner (connected thru parallel)
SBlive soundcard
DVD drive
CD writer
nvidia agp graphics card

  vinnyT 11:54 12 Jan 2003

Yep in theory both autoexec and config are now redundant (from (98se, i think), but some soft/hard ware still place entries to these files. Someone else with more knowledge will prob post with more detail.

  BRYNIT 12:22 12 Jan 2003

Some time you, do sometime don’t. Go to start programs ms-dos prompt this will open a dos window. Type edit go to file open. Type C:\ you will find any backup autoexec and config files. open to find if anything is missing.

  Rtus 12:43 12 Jan 2003

both files are not stricktly needed for w98se ,unless some third party item has to be loaded there ( some scanners etc).Ive run quite happily for some yrs now without them. Only error I get is running sysedit ..cant find file warning .and for once its right..LOL

  Rtus 12:44 12 Jan 2003

ugh..phonetics...forgot spelcheck ..

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