Autocorrect stopped working

  DebraGoring 10:25 13 Mar 2015

Hi, I'm running an old XP Word 2002! Need a new computer badly, of course, but anyway, autocorrect has been warning me it's full so I've deleted a load of old ones so I can continue to put in new ones. The last one I added "appears" to have wiped them all! They don't work and the entries don't show up in the list anymore. I think they still exist tho cos when I try to re-enter one it says it already exists. Phew!

Found the .acl file (MSO1033) but it's not read-only (according to Properties) (I've been having Word docs open as read-only often nowadays as computer struggles to cope so thought that might have happened).

PS is fine cos the Autotext entries work okay. (Phew!)

So no idea how to get my autocorrect babies back! Please can anyone help here? Thanks :O)

  DebraGoring 10:42 13 Mar 2015

PS correction: Autocorrect does work, but only what looks like the factory settings, original ones that were already on it when I bought it I suspect. Like I can do smiley faces but that's about it!!! That's depressing. I'm dyin here!

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