autocad versus Turbocad - which is best

  Rhodie 01:04 02 Feb 2005

I currently use an old version of autocad with windows XP.
Turbocad is considerably cheaper and therefore would like some advice:-
Is Turbocad easier to use than Autocad?
Can I cut and paste is TurboCad as I am told can be done in later versions of Autocad.
Are Turbocad drawings created by using set template shapes or can I create my own shapes using lines - as per Autocad?

  Simsy 08:49 02 Feb 2005

version 7, via a coverdisc.

I wanted to use it to make some woodwork plans, but have not bee able to get to grips with it at all... and there seems to be very little in the way of online training available for it. The upshot is that I've yet to make use of it!

So I can't answer your question as to whether it's easier than Autocad. However, to answer your other questions. Cut and Paste, (I'm assuming you mean from other apps?), I just don't know, but, if I understand your question correctly, yes you can create your own shapes.

click here

You can download a free trial, though I suspect it's big.

Sorry if I've not been much help!



  andy625 09:41 02 Feb 2005

I've been an autocad user for the last 10yrs, and I was recently asked to import some turbocad drawings. We tried all sorts of ways, and didn't really have a great deal of success. You could import to a degree, but with the amount of time I had to spend changing text etc it was quicker to redraw it!

I know someone who swears by turbocad, but he's not a draughtsman and only uses it for electrical wiring drawings.

If you just want to create a few odd drawings for your own use then Turbocad may be ok. But to make sure your drawings can be read/imported by other people/companies (I'm not sure what you're using it for) I would recommend sticking with autocad. There are "cheaper" copies of acad about if you know who to ask (Not that I'm endorsing this approach..)

Do you use full acad or LT?

I hope this was of some help.


  Rhodie 10:06 02 Feb 2005

I'm using AutoCAD14 and our company IT is being upgraded. An IT consultant has suggested Microsoft Visio to be used instead of AutoCAD, which having looked on the Visio website doesn't really appear to be adequate.
I do Mechanical engineering drawings for our contracts Manager - no uniform shapes as appears to be in Visio. I therefore wondered if TurboCad would be easier to use as more cost effective.
Do you think Visio is an appropriate alternative? To me it looks more like its for Schematics/floorplans using set shapes.

  andy625 12:13 02 Feb 2005

I don't have any experience of visio. It looks like a program for doing diagrams, from the microsoft website. I don't think you can really do engineering drawings in anything other than autocad really. Its like the industry standard. If you want a cheaper option Autocad LT may be an option. LT is a cut down version of the full blown version and is considerably cheaper. I've used full blown and LT, and for 2D drawings there really isn't much difference. If you like, email me ([email protected]) and I'll let you know where I got my copy from.

  trainee-vic 22:10 03 Feb 2005

We use both in the drawing office.
TurboCad is ok for simple stuff and as a non draughtsman it is fine for illustrations etc. It makes a real pigs ear of importing and exporting AutoCad drawings.
All our technical drawings are done on AutoCad mainly because it is easier to import and export drawings.
To sum up:
TurboCad - If you are looking at non technical drawings.
AutoCad - If you are doing technical drawings

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