Auto switching clients between router and Wireless Range extender

  clifhanger_uk 14:48 20 Aug 2011

Hi Guys, I'm a bit confused about what a wireless range extender gives me. I have bought a Sitecom Wireless Range Extender 300N. This extends the wireless range of your router to parts of the house that have a weak signal or none atall.

It is setup correctly and is working fine, however, the SSID is different from the Router.

Essentially, I want to extend the range of my router to parts of the house that have a low signal. This range extender seems to be the correct product to do this. However, I want my clients to switch to the appropriate wireless access point (either the range extender or my router) depending on the strongest signal, how can this be configured?

When a client is the overlap area (the area where both the router and the range extender can be sensed) I want the client to switch to the strongest signal.

In my case My Router is in the loft and the range extender downstairs. You can still get a low signal from the router when you are downstairs but the range extender give a full signal. However, I dont understand what makes a laptop 'switch' from router to extender when its downstairs.

Because the extender has a different SSID a laptop that can still get a low signal from the router when downstairs doesn't automatically attach to the extender to get a strongest signal.

If I set the extender to have the same SSID as the router - would that solve this problem?

  mgmcc 14:41 21 Aug 2011

If your computer's WiFi adapter finds two valid networks to which it can connect, i.e. your Router and your Range Extender, it will connect in the order of preference of the saved "Wireless Networks" profiles. If your Range Extender is first in the list, it will connect to that if it's available, even if it has a weaker signal than the Router.

I'm not aware of a reliable way always to force a connection to the SSID with the stronger signal.

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