Auto Sign Out is too Quick IE8 & XP

  johnoo 16:30 09 Apr 2012

Think the title says it. I only have to leave the machine for a few minutes & I get automatically signed out. As I have a sign in password it is getting a tad boring having to re enter. How can I extend the time before auto sign out? Note:- If I go into Control Panel/Display/Monitor Power/Sceensaver the "System Standby" is set to 20 minutes, but I have to re log in long before that period of time

  difarn 17:36 09 Apr 2012

When you set the 20 minute delay are you clicking on apply and ok?

  johnoo 18:28 09 Apr 2012

Just clicking on OK, apply is not there.

  johnoo 18:48 09 Apr 2012

Just checked it, even though the Control Panel Monitor Power is set for 20 minutes, I am having to log in with password after about 10 minutes. Am I missing something?

  difarn 20:52 09 Apr 2012

Is your power saving set to "never" for standby

Try Display Properties - Screen Saver - and uncheck "On resume, display Welcome screen".

Do you have a screensaver set up?

  johnoo 22:21 09 Apr 2012

System Standby set to 20 minutes, Turn off Monitor 15 minutes, Turn off Hard Disc Never. Screen Saver set to "Yes" On Resume question is Checked

I can't do the "Uncheck" trial bit for a couple of days.

Will Post results Wednesday

  johnoo 15:19 11 Apr 2012

Unchecking the "On resume, display Welcome screen"seems to have worked thanks for the help.

  difarn 23:34 12 Apr 2012

Glad it's sorted.

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