Auto Shutdown with XP

  tomc 18:22 09 Jan 2003
  tomc 18:22 09 Jan 2003

My computer has begun to randomly and abruptly shut-down and re-boot, for no obvious reason. I have XP Pro. The only factors I can think of are that I have recently installed a home network to my laptop and have had Cable Broadband installed. The only 'hint' I get is after a file has been downloaded I get an 'Auto Shutdown' message box with 9 seconds to cancel/ confirm. I don't know why this happens, or even if it is connected to the more random shutdowns I get without the warning massage.

  shortcircuited 18:33 09 Jan 2003

There might me an option somewhere of 'do you want to shutdown after downloading or if you dont touch the computer for a certain length of time' which you need to change settings for.

Sorry thats not really a good answer, but hope it works out.

  Magik™ 19:14 09 Jan 2003

if you go to control panel and power options you can set it to neveto shut down, if that is what you want..

  Magik™ 19:15 09 Jan 2003

the word should be "never"

  tomc 16:29 11 Jan 2003

Thanks, but I still cannot resolve this. The answer is not in the power options, they are fine. Any other suggestions welcome.

  tomc 21:14 13 Jan 2003

I think I resolved this. In case anyone has the same problem, it turned out to be caused by 'DAP Download Accelerator', which in the options you can elect to have the computer shutdown after downloading. This caused it to shutdown after downloads. I don't remember selecting this but may have done so by accident. I don'y know if the random shutdown prob is related but it hasn't happened since.

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