sorefingers 16:08 25 Nov 2003

I cannot find the Auto reply box in my OE..I have looked under TOOLS, but no such thing.........I am running XP home.

Please help!

  JIM 16:12 25 Nov 2003
  ^wave^ 16:13 25 Nov 2003

ha ve an idea that it only works with out look and an exchange server

  spikeychris 16:14 25 Nov 2003

You set up a message rule to do it.

Create a text file with your message you want to send back.

Tools | Message Rules | Mail | New

1) For All Messages

2a) Reply with message

2b) Stop Processing more rules. (This one would not be use if you have other
rules set up so they may be processed).

3) click on message. Change the Files of type: to Text (*.txt). Select
your text file you created then press OPEN.

4) Name the rule Auto-Reply

Press OK

If you have other rules set up, select the Auto-Reply rule from the list and
move it all the way to the top of the list.

When a message arrives, the message you selected will be sent out. The
reason to use a text file is so that the message wil be sent in the body of
the message. If you used a .eml message as the reply, it would send it as an

  AndyJ 16:21 25 Nov 2003

Be careful with Auto Reply - especially with your work email - it's a burglar's dream. There are known cases of burglars buying up company email address lists and then "spam" mailing the whole lot.

Obviously when they get the "I'm on holiday in Majorca from 1st to 20th"...guess who comes home to an empty house.

Use Auto Reply by all means...just be careful what you put in it and how you phrase it.

Incidentally, we had a funny one once at my own workplace. One person sent an email to his friend to tell him he was going on holiday. Unfortunately the friend was already on holiday and had set their email to Auto Reply, by the time it got back Auto Reply was set on the other machine, and neither had set it to reply to user once. Boy, soon clogged up the whole email system, particularly as one had set theirs to Auto Reply to "All"

  Jester2K II 16:23 25 Nov 2003

And it can be very annoying...

Also it'll only work on a home PC set up whilst the PC is on! (And maybe Outlook is open)

Are you really going to be away for that long with the PC on to warrant it??

  spikeychris 18:53 25 Nov 2003

Although I helped with the question I will have to agree, imagine if everyone setup an "out of office" the worlds email would double!

Once set one up for a user at work and all the names in the address book were sent a message?? funny thing was one of the recipients received it and replied with "What, I don't care and I'm too busy" so it sent one back...he then replied with " STOP SENDING THIS MESSAGE" sent another reply...:o):o)

  sorefingers 19:55 25 Nov 2003

Judging from the responce, I think I will do without Autoreply........thanks to one and all.

  sorefingers 19:56 25 Nov 2003

......response even!

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