Auto-Refresh IE Program

  Jester2K II 20:00 03 Oct 2003

I remember in the long distant past a program being mentioned here that allowed you you have IE refresh the current page every x minutes.

Does anyone know what the program is called and where i can get it??

  Jester2K II 20:06 03 Oct 2003

Doesn't matter now.

Just written the skeleton of a program to do it in VB6.

  VoG II 20:10 03 Oct 2003

Shame because I was going to say that you can do it in Opera Navigation/Reload every/ ...


  Jester2K II 20:20 03 Oct 2003

VoG - cheers but never liked Opera....

(and i do mean the browser not the song 'n' dance!!)

Go to go - curry calls....

  VoG II 20:22 03 Oct 2003

Gotta wait for an hour for my curry - wife working. Life just isn't fair, is it :o(

  powerless 20:22 03 Oct 2003

www. pressf5 .com

use a www. stopwatch .com for a refresh time.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:28 03 Oct 2003

Can't you just hit the F5 key?

So it will be the same as click here and click here ;-))


  powerless 20:29 03 Oct 2003

Yup i'm invisable!

  Jester2K II 12:50 04 Oct 2003

GANDALF <|:-)> - just because someone else has already beaten me to it has never stopped me before....

Powerless - sorry mate. Didn't see you there!!!

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