[email protected]@m 15:38 03 Jan 2004

I was googling for an auto-refresh program, this was near the top click here

Will this work with AOL, and where is the head> portion of the page.

Ideally, I would prefer something that is easy to turn on and off.

  Jester2K 16:00 03 Jan 2004

That is code indended to be inserted into a webpage you write to cause it to refresh.

I assume you want to refresh a page automatically that you are viewing??

  [email protected]@m 16:08 03 Jan 2004

Thanks, I thought as much. All it would take would be the equivalent of pressing F5 every minute, then I can work on my 98 and keep glancing over to see if any interesting subjects have come in. A gap in the market?

  VoG II 16:38 03 Jan 2004

You can do this in Opera - Navigation/Reload every and pick a suitable interval (5 sec to 30 min).

  [email protected]@m 16:47 03 Jan 2004

Thanks, I'll give it a go after gruel.

  powerless 17:00 03 Jan 2004
  [email protected]@m 19:58 03 Jan 2004

Downloaded and installed yrefresher, but it doesn't appear in IE!

Vog, found it in Opera. You have to turn it off when typing, though.

Thanks, both.

  ©®@$? 20:01 03 Jan 2004

Re: Yrefresher

i havn't used it myself but you may have to close your internet explorer down and then re-open it, then it may show up..

you have to do this will similar programs that add an extension onto IE

example: google tool bar

worth a try

  Mango Grummit 20:11 03 Jan 2004

To be clear here;

Opera is (sort of) Okay for a few things except looking at websites (it screws some of them up to a point where the (web) author might consider committing suicide LOL.

It IS quick ... yeah mon!! ..... but accurate it's not.

For eg's -- mail my envelope and I will post reply with some (I mean just a few) examples.


  [email protected]@m 20:11 03 Jan 2004

Thanks, I did a restart but still can't find it. It says to right click on toolbars? I've right clicked everywhere.

  ©®@$? 20:13 03 Jan 2004

i'm going to install it, see what result i get brb

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