Auto - Opening My Computer Window

  jayatissa 12:34 06 Jun 2010

Starting few days back, the My Computer Window of my PC is automatically opening and some time it goes another step forward too. When hit a key some time it automatically type a letter repeatedly in the file name tab or any where it can change the name of file or etc. Sometime the same thing happens in word files too. But this is not happening always. We can use the computer for our work but sometime this accidential cahnge comes up. I suspect is it due to a virus. If so what would be the remedy? or let me know a way to remove this hindrance. Suggestions are highly appreciated.

  rawprawn 13:25 06 Jun 2010

Have you tried System restore to a date before this problem occurred?

  rawprawn 13:26 06 Jun 2010

Also let us know your Operating System, and what Security you have.

  jayatissa 18:27 06 Jun 2010

Problem common to two machines. One is having Windows 7and other one is having XP. When typing is message also I get< qweruiop879+u.oqe87+ >automatically. Avira AntiVir Personal - Free Antivirus Guard.

  rawprawn 21:27 06 Jun 2010

I assume that both machines are networked, try downloading, updating, and running Malwarebytes Free version click here
Did you try system Restore on either machine?

  jayatissa 01:27 07 Jun 2010

I did not try system restore. Because I formatted one machine and reinstalled OS and software. But not all hard drives. It did not resolved the problem. Yes both are networked. I will try the malware bytes and let you know the results. Thanks.

  jayatissa 13:52 07 Jun 2010

Malwarebytes could not detect any.

  rawprawn 15:59 07 Jun 2010

Run a system file scan on the Windows 7 machine, open the command prompt by right click and choose "Run as Administrator"
At the C: prompt type sfc /scannow and hit Enter.
Let us know the result.

  rawprawn 16:01 07 Jun 2010

Also just check Start> All Programs> scroll down to Startup and just make sure you haven't inadvertently put My Computer in there.

  jayatissa 19:44 07 Jun 2010

Ran a system file scan and the result is "windows resource resource protection did not find any integrity violation". and slso my computer is not in the startup either.

  rawprawn 20:38 07 Jun 2010

Sorry, I am at a loss and can make no further suggestions.
Perhaps someone else can help.

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