Auto-open browser on startup?

  algernonymous 13:49 09 Feb 2011

Is it possible to configure a PC to automatically open the internet browser on startup?


  john bunyan 14:00 09 Feb 2011

In W7: Tools, Internet Options ,Hone page. Mine is set to Google. If you have Superantispyware ( a good free ani malware scanner) you can set In "Preferences" , "Home Page Protection" the home page as above.

  john bunyan 14:01 09 Feb 2011

Hone = Home!, ani =anti. Too quick to send reply!

  woodchip 14:02 09 Feb 2011

Yes, Look for the Browser shortcut you use, right click it and drag to start button then to programs then Startup Folder drop and choose create shortcut

  Woolwell 15:49 09 Feb 2011

You can do this but I haven't because I want to make sure that my anti-virus is loaded and has been updated before browsing.

  algernonymous 18:03 09 Feb 2011

Thanks for all responses.
So bearing in mind Woolwell's post it is not to be recommended?

  john bunyan 19:57 09 Feb 2011

I have an automatic start on Avira anti Virus and on SAS and MBAM and Spywareblaster.When I switch my PC on I wait until I see that the Avira is active on the toolbar (and the PC Tools Firewall is active) Then I open IE 8 with Google as above.I have had no problems doing this for the last year.As long as your Antivirus is running I see no problems.

  GaT7 20:32 09 Feb 2011

As long as your home page is not a virus/malware infected site you'll be OK I reckon.

Do as woodchip says: create shortcut of your browser, then cut+paste this shortcut into the 'Startup' folder in Start > All Programs (assuming you're using XP). G

  algernonymous 21:01 09 Feb 2011

john bunyan
Thanks for your reply, but what I wish to achieve is to have the PC go straight to the browser window without any further input from the user.

It's not my PC, I have been asked to do this for a charity where I do voluntary work, so I need to be sure it's safe.

Ok, thanks Crossbow/woodchip.

  john bunyan 21:07 09 Feb 2011

If you set the home page as above, it should go to the browser as described when you launch IE 9

  john bunyan 21:16 09 Feb 2011

Also see here if you want to launch IE on start up.

click here

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