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  Josquius 21:23 07 Apr 2004

Josquius Wed, 31.03.04 | 20:12
On excel how can you get VB programmes to run when you open up the document in question?
Also is there anyway to make things happen on certain dates without saying if date= 1/2/05 (i.e. the first of the month every month)

VoG™ Wed, 31.03.04 | 20:19
Sub Auto_Open()
If Day(Now()) = 1 then

Call MySubroutine

End If

End Sub

I thought it was done however the auto open is not working, so how do you get a auto open on excel?

  VoG II 21:27 07 Apr 2004

If the routine is in an Excel modulle and is called


then it should run.

To check that it is add this immediately after Sub Auto_Run

MsgBox "Running"

  Josquius 21:28 07 Apr 2004

ah a excel module, I put it in with a normal form, I'll try one of these module things

  VoG II 21:28 07 Apr 2004

after Sub Auto_Open

obviously! :o(

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