Auto Insert Notification failed in XP Pro

  AragornUK 03:50 28 Nov 2004

Hi, I did a search on this, but came up no wiser, so here goes.

I am having a problem with my Auto Insert Notifications. When I insert a disc there is no autorun happening. To get any disc to play, I have to open up My Computer and enter that way.

The more annoying part of this is that when I remove a disc, My Computer still 'remembers' the disc that was in the drive previously. The drive icons stay as per the last inserted disc, and the only way to correct it is a log off or reboot.

The NoDriveTypeAutoRun in the Registry is Hex 91, the gpedit.msc has the TurnOffAutoplay set at disabled or not configured, depending on how I set it. Is there any program you can think of that may take over the Windows XP autorun feature for its own purposes? I have Nero 6 installed, but StartSmart is turned off. I have real one player installed, but rarely use it. Any ideas appreciated, cos although it's a minor niggle, it's driving me nuts.....

  britto 04:18 28 Nov 2004

I think Nero turns this off so that when you insert a Disc to be copied from, media player or other programs do not automatically want to run therefore spoiling the burning process,it usually asks you if you want to disable auto-run first.

  AndySD 04:36 28 Nov 2004

click here try the ex as 95

  AragornUK 11:07 28 Nov 2004

Tried the suggestions above with no luck. There is no 'settings' tab where you said in XP Andy, so that didn't work :o( Tried the autoplay tab in My Computer / right clcik drive / properties, but they both still say 'prompt me each time' on all options in there.

britto, I told Nero to not launch the appropriate application on disc entry when I installed it.

Any other ideas anyone?

  AragornUK 11:08 28 Nov 2004

Andy, I meant where the article you pointed me to said :oS I need to wake up first before I do this.......Tried the examples for all OS in there, still no change I'm afraid

  AragornUK 11:36 28 Nov 2004

Sorted it

It was DVD Idle pro. The setting for disabling autorun of features like PC Friendly had git selected, and this was taking over the autorun feature.....Happy again now

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