auto generated web site of photo album, pics, thum

  cptkev2 17:49 14 Sep 2003

I need a software package which will create web pages for all pictures in a folder, and generate thumbnails displayed in a different frame. a large number of photos to be done at a time aproxamatly 1000 every week. anyone got any suggestions of programs or of where to look to find a software solution? thank you kevin

  Pesala 18:11 14 Sep 2003

click here absolutely amazing free program.

  Pesala 18:14 14 Sep 2003

File menu, Thumbnails

Browse to folder, select thumbnails of pictures you wish to include File Menu, Save selected thumbs as HTML file.

  cptkev2 18:46 14 Sep 2003

I need software that i select the source which will be a kodac photo cd, and it will then generate a html page for every image, thumbnails for every image and also an index html page of all the thumbnails. i do not mind paying for the software.

  Pesala 19:34 14 Sep 2003

I think it will do all of that. I haven't used it in earnest, but a quick test worked great. I assume you could edit the html page afterwards if you need to, but it generates thumbnails with links to the full size graphics.

  Pesala 19:39 14 Sep 2003

click here to see the page I created in about 30 seconds flat with Irfan view. (I hope it works, otherwise it's egg on face time).

  Pesala 19:43 14 Sep 2003

I will have to delete it all a bit later. Pretty impressive for a free program, don't you think?

  cptkev2 20:05 14 Sep 2003

It does seem to work indeed, i would still like to know if there are any other programs that will offer more control. for instance using frames, using different sized images. i have found that dream weaver will do it with extensions but is very slow. as there will be about 1000 photos so there needs to be a quick easy way. i think there must be a small piece of batch process software that will do the trick. if i can just find it.

  Gaz 25 20:12 14 Sep 2003

For free software I think that is very impressive.

It taken me a year to create a pictures site!


I think you could edit the default code for the site you know.

Even if you have to do it manually.

  Pesala 20:48 14 Sep 2003

Five minutes to find a suitable folder, generate the html page, check it in my browser, upload it to my webspace, and write a reply. It is something I have only ever done once before.

I just made a crude attempt to edit one page in Open Office. Have a look again at Buddha02

  Qmar 22:48 14 Sep 2003


click here

digital photo expert £4-99 Aldi.



click here

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