Auto fill day date Excel 2007

  tonyq 11:51 30 Mar 2017

Is it possible to have the month say April in cell A1 then in A2 have Sat 1st then auto fill down column A with day date so in A3 would be Sun 2nd ect.

  Belatucadrus 12:45 30 Mar 2017

Yes,set A1 format to Date MMMM and all the cells under it to Date NN D. then set cell contents of A2 to =A1+1 then copy and paste this as far down the column as you want. With the proviso that as the cell will only show day and date it's only indication that you're in the next month will be when 1st crops up again.

  wee eddie 12:45 30 Mar 2017

Put a date in Cell 1, in more or less any format you wish > Move your Mouse Pointer to the bottom Right of the Cell and depress the left button > Drag that, either down or across > Excel will fill in consecutive dates.

Equally, if you write Monday in a Cell and drag it down or across > Excel will fill in the days of the week

  tonyq 13:38 30 Mar 2017

Thank you for the replies. I can get it to work using "1st April", but would like "Sat 1st April" or better still just "Sat 1st" with April in a separate cell at the top of the column, if that is possible, or is that asking to much of Excel!

  wee eddie 14:00 30 Mar 2017

Put Saturday in one cell/column and 1st April 2017 in the adjacent one, then "Drag" away. After all you are only limited to a couple of thousand columns. The 2017 is optional but, as you only have to enter it once, and your Spreadsheet may continue for several years, it helps later on in life

  tonyq 15:47 30 Mar 2017

Put "April in A1"

"Sat in A2" then dragged down,

"1st in B2" then dragged down, Just what I wanted.

Thank you all for your help/advice.

  compumac 19:40 30 Mar 2017

In the first cell set the date format as "custom" then put down as a custom format dddd dd mmmm yyyy

That will give you the day and the date It is important to have the spaces as shown above.

  tonyq 11:46 31 Mar 2017

compumac, could you tell me what the letters represent. I presume yyyy equals the year.

  wee eddie 12:15 31 Mar 2017

4 d's instructs the Day's name. 2 d's instructs the day's date.

4 m's instructs the Month's name (2 m's would have been it's number).

4 y's, the full year (2 y's would have been the final 2 digits)

  tonyq 16:06 31 Mar 2017

Once again, thank you.

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