Auto E-mail Receipts

  Lionheart ? 16:26 05 Oct 2004

Any one interested in this click here recommended by €dstowe in this thread. click here

I have been using it, and find it excellent knowing when the emails I have sent have been read.

  €dstowe 16:51 05 Oct 2004

I received an msgtag notification today stating a time delay of 330 days 7 hours 35 minutes and 40 seconds between my sending it and it being opened!

I'd completely forgotten what it was or anything about it.

  Lionheart ? 21:10 05 Oct 2004

You been using it that long then. Sorry had to go out after posting, thought it came back with the subject title.

  bretsky 23:44 05 Oct 2004

Thanx, downloaded, configured and tested , works great.

bretsky ;0)

  €dstowe 06:52 06 Oct 2004


Have bought the paid for version now - this hides the msgtag notification on the email going out. Useful for checking "dodgy" people who might claim they haven't received your email.

  georgemac 07:11 06 Oct 2004

would like to try it but the site seems to be down

  georgemac 07:16 06 Oct 2004

I got it and will try it

I have just went back to avant browser - I prefer it to ie and mozilla - but recently a lot of links have not been opening on it - got it by using mozilla

  Lionheart ? 07:24 06 Oct 2004

Going to get the payed version myself, agree about the "dodgy" people :)

  Andsome 08:27 06 Oct 2004

After reading about it on here recently, I wouldn't be without it. I prefer the free version, it lets people know, that you know, that they have opened your e-mail.

  Lionheart ? 12:48 06 Oct 2004

Agree also with your comments, about letting people know that you know they have read the e-mail :)

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