auto disconnect when closing Explorer

  lovelylel 16:48 29 Apr 2003

My father is running Windows XP home. He's a silver surfer and I can't help him on this one. He's on a dialup connection to Tiscali. Is it possible to get a window to come up when he closes Explorer to ask if he wants to disconnect from Tiscali? Otherwise he has to right click on the 2 flashing monitors icon which is in the bottom right hand of the screen and as he eyesight is not great, he sometimes forgets to disconnect and can't see the icons showing he's still connected. I have a feeling I used to get a similar window when using ME but as I'm on BB now it doesn't affect me. Any ideas welcomed, thanks.

  beeuuem 17:11 29 Apr 2003

You could ask him to check the following:-

Internet Explorer/Tools/Internet Options /Connections /Setttings/Advanced (under Dial up settings)make sure that "Disconnect when connection may no longer be needed" is checked.

  fitshase 17:14 29 Apr 2003

Follow the steps below:-

(1) Click on Start\Control Panel

(2) Double click on Internet Options

(3) Click on the Connections tab at the top

(4) Select the dial-up account and click on Settings

(5) Click on Advanced

(6) Tick the "Disconnect when connection may no longer be needed" box.

That should work.



  fitshase 17:15 29 Apr 2003

I think I need to type a bit faster!

  beeuuem 17:54 29 Apr 2003

I cheat with regular questions - the answers are filed under 'Updates and Tips' and it's only a matter of copy and paste! :-)

  lovelylel 21:40 29 Apr 2003

thanks all, will try this next time I am at Dad's house. Sounds very hopeful. Regards, Lel

  Jai 08:58 31 Jan 2004

I know this a late reply but I was searching the archive as I too had this problem. The 2 answers above did not solve the auto disconnect as the box for "disconnect when connection not needed" did not appear. So I did my own searching & found 2 solutions:-

Start Internet Explorer/Cancel/Properties (not dial up properties)/Dialing/Disconnect when connection not needed - tick box

Start/Settings/Dial up Networking/RIGHT click your
connection/Properties/Dialing/Disconnect when connection not needed - tick box

This at least gives you acces to the "Disconnect when connection not needed" box.

  Jai 14:45 31 Jan 2004

APOLOGIES ALL ROUND - to the posts above. They do
work with XP.
I wanted a a solution for ME which is the one I posted.

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