Auto disconnect from internet

  Ollyolly 16:15 29 Nov 2003

If I exit from IE6 using the cross at the top right hand corner my modem stays connected to the internet. To disconnect I have to double click the two TV in the taskbar and select disconnect. I sometimes forget to do this and my phone bill is mounting. Is it possible to make the modem diconnect after I have exited IE6 or to auto disconnect after say 5 mins of inactivity?

  barnacarry 16:18 29 Nov 2003

To hang up Outlook Express after sending and receiving.

Click on Tools, Options, Connections and tick the checkbox beside 'Hang up after sending and receiving'. If it is already ticked, clear it and click ok, then call up the Options dialog box again and reset the option.
Under 'Internet Connection Settings' click the Change button. On the Internet Properties dialog box select the Connections tab and make sure you have a default connection listed. If you don't, select a connection and click Set Default.
Select the 'Always dial my default connection' button. With your default connection selected, click Settings. On the Settings dialog box that comes up, click the Properties button. On the Dialing dialog box tick the box beside 'Disconnect when connection may no longer be needed'. Then click OK four times to close all the dialog boxes.
Remember, your connection will only be disconnected if OE STARTED the internet connection.

  Stuartli 16:37 29 Nov 2003

If you just close the OE window the connection will not be concluded - in this case the Do You Wish to Stay Connected or Disconnect? box should appear unless you have IE open.

Barnacarry's point about the 'Hang up after sending and receiving' box is perfectly correct, but it can lead to some dispair when using IE for some users.

They keep finding that their connection is terminated particularly if OE is set to check for messages every 10 minutes or so, keep checking that the OE configuration is correct, but fail to spot the OE 'Hang up after sending and receiving' box is enabled....:-)

  daba 16:43 29 Nov 2003

... do you have any idea why my "Do You Wish To Stay Connected" box only appears briefly.

It is only open for between 0.5 and about 2 seconds, then it closes itself.

Most times it it much too quick to click on the "Disconnect Now" button.

Is there a registry setting for its persistence time, do you know?

OS is Win 98SE

  Border View 18:56 29 Nov 2003

I use Win 98SE and have noticed that the "Do you wish to Stay Connected" box flashes by and I have to click on the two little tvs to disconnect. Will watch this space to see what response comes up.

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