Auto dialling problem on internet

  gippingman 10:11 23 Nov 2003

Hi folks - I am desperate for advice!

I use Freeserve Anytime as my ISP and Windows XP Home using 56k modem and a bt line that is shared as the main telephone line. I am finding that on most occasions that when I switch the computer on it will auto dial/connect to internet even if just on desktop. If I launch various programs - Word or others same thing happens. I often manually disconnect but then after every 10-20 seconds it dials up again - I don't appear to have any control over it- it has a mind of its own and is very frustrating - I have tried fiddling with various setting to no avail.
Somebody please help!!!

  FormatKing 10:15 23 Nov 2003

you could try clearing out your start up folder
in case something is running in the background and trying to access the net

  Stuartli 10:19 23 Nov 2003

You probably have one or more programs automatically checking for updates or you have configured Outlook Express to check for new mail on a regular basis, such as every five or 10 minutes.

  A_World_Maker 10:33 23 Nov 2003

in Control panel, open Internet Options, go to 'connections' and select 'do not dial....when a device or programme asks for an internet connection.

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