Auto delete Emails

  Grumpy Grandad 14:26 05 Oct 2005

Is there an automatic way to clean up the deleted Emails on Outlook Express by ridding it of all items after they have reached a certain age? I would like to delete permanently all deleted items that are a month old, without endangering any stored Emails.

  MAJ 14:30 05 Oct 2005

You can have them deleted when you close OE by going to Tools > Options > Maintenance tab and tick the "Empty messages from the "deleted items" folder on exit" option, click Apply and OK to exit, Grumpy Grandad.

  Grumpy Grandad 14:36 05 Oct 2005

Thanks Maj,
But surely that will delete ALL deleted Emails, and I only want to delete them when they are a month old.

  Jackcoms 15:41 05 Oct 2005

"But surely that will delete ALL deleted Emails, and I only want to delete them when they are a month old."


But you need a bit of human interaction, here.

It's up to you to only delete them when they're more than a month old!

That sends them to the Deleted Items folder and (if you have the settings suggested by MAJ) any subsequent closing of OE removes them entirely.

  pickle factory 18:40 05 Oct 2005

Don't use Outlook Express myself, I do use Outlook and that has a facility for archiving. You can specify time period by folder to send items to either archive file or deleted items folder. Unfortunately I don't know if Outlook Express has this feature.

  pickle factory 18:42 05 Oct 2005

If you right click on Inbox, hit properties, do you have a tab for 'Autoarchive'?

  Grumpy Grandad 18:43 05 Oct 2005

Hi Jackcoms,
I guess it is all down to my deleting them manually once a monthy as I have been doing all along.
I don't want my Inbox clogged up with aa month's worth of unwanted Emails so that I can transfer them manually and then let the sytem clear out my Deletes.

  Grumpy Grandad 18:47 05 Oct 2005

Pickle Factory - Sorry, there is no Autoarchive tab on any of the folders.

  grey george 19:26 05 Oct 2005

If you click on the date line all the emails will be organised in date order. Select the first one that is a month old and then scroll to the bottom of the list, (the oldest email) hold down the shift key and select the last email. This will select all the emails between the first one you chose and the last. Then just delete them all in one go. Also if you hold down the shift when you select delete the emails will be permanantly deleted not put in the deleted folder.

  Grumpy Grandad 19:38 05 Oct 2005

Thanks Grey George,
That is the routine I have been using.
I just wanted something that would automatically delete all deleted items once they were 1 month old.

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