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  Earl Of Sabden 19:04 06 Dec 2003

Can anyone help with adding (automatically) cells in excel....I'm trying to calculate litres to gallons which is litres (27.05 x 0.22) litres x0.22 gives the conversion to gallons...In this case it would be 5.95 gallons, then the mileage, say 119567, then the mileage taken away from the previous mileage to give a total breakdown of previous mileage.... then MPG, by dividing mileage breakdown by gallons....

Price Lit Gall Mile B/Down MPG

20.00 26.01 5.72 119647 0 0.00
20.00 26.01 5.72 119847 200 34.95

I will have to input the price and litres myself but need Excel to automatically calculate the rest... Can anyone help with this....thanks. EOS.

  Halmer 19:53 06 Dec 2003

would be for someone to send you an Excel spreadsheet with the computation shown.

But you would need to post your e-mail address.

  Big Elf 20:00 06 Dec 2003

Send me an email and I'll send you my Excel 2000 mpg calculator. You need to input cost, price per litre and mileage reading, all the rest is calculated. If you have an ealier version of Excel then let me know so that I can send it in the right format. I can also unhide all the extra columns to give you an idea how it works.

  Big Elf 20:21 06 Dec 2003

Sabden :-)

Emailed just now.


(Sir?) Big Elf

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