Auto Adjust In Progress?

  Sirpad 16:51 16 Mar 2006

Every time I switch users in Windows XP I get a little black box with 'Auto Adjust In Progress' written in. I realize some users may be using different font sizes etc but this has only started happening today for some reason.

Any ideas?

  ventanas 21:29 16 Mar 2006

Monitor Resolution?

  Sirpad 21:41 16 Mar 2006

Not sure what you mean? Why is it suddenly adjusting the resolution?

  VoG II 22:00 16 Mar 2006

Does your monitor have an 'Auto' button? If so try pressing it when the message appears.

  ventanas 22:04 16 Mar 2006

I suggested this because I've seen the same message many times when setting up a new computer. 20 times recently with 20 Dell TFT's.
It only happened the first time they were switched on. I assume it's setting itself for each user profile. Does one of your users use different settings?

  Sirpad 01:00 17 Mar 2006

Vog - Not sure where the Auto button resides?

ventanas - I can see why it might do this for a new computer but I've had this one for 5 months. Other users do have different settings (I assume you mean font size, etc) but they've had these settings for a long time. I recently had to unplug my PC because I was hung up on a website and alt/ctrl/del wasn't doing anything.

  Sirpad 12:45 18 Mar 2006

Thanks guys...seems to have set itself right after a few reboots.........

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