Auslogics BoostSpeed 6 - is it a full version on the disk?

  RichTee 00:24 25 Aug 2014

I've installed BoostSpeed 6 from the October disk and used it to try to recover some video files which had been deleted from a camera memory card.

The program identifies the files I want to recover but it will not restore them because they are over 10kb and tells me the program is a Trial version. My understanding from the documentation is that it is supposed to be the full version with six months of updates. There is however conflicting information telling me in the magazine that it is a three month licence but the download tells me it is a six month licence.

When I try to register the product as instructed the only option I get is to buy version 7.

Is there any way that I can recover my files using BoostSpeed 6 from the disk without having to pay about £30 for an upgrade to BoostSpeed 7?

  iscanut 10:10 25 Aug 2014

I have tried installing Boostspeed 6 from the PCA DVD. I also cannot see how to register as it needs an activation code and I do not want to pay for it as you are quite correct as it states Full Program for 3 months. Perhaps the FE can ask someone from PCA to advise us.

  The Kestrel 10:33 25 Aug 2014

I tried installing version 7 from Jock1e's link, but you only get the basic version which only removes junk files. To repair any other faults you are sent to a link to get the premium version, which involves a cost.

  Woolwell 11:16 25 Aug 2014

Boostspeed 6 is the old version. I suspect that is a version given free to tempt you into buying the later version. However why would you want this product at all? Most of these sort of products don't do what they say and don't improve on programs like ccleaner. I gave up on PCA's "free" programs years ago as I found that they were IMO mostly junk.

  iscanut 11:59 25 Aug 2014

I do not intend to use it, but just wanted to see if I got the same problem. I prefer Ccleaner and Recuva.

  Woolwell 13:20 25 Aug 2014

iscanut2 - Both free and good programs and I use both.

Recuva should recover the OP's files.

  RichTee 00:25 26 Aug 2014

Many thanks to you all for your responses.

I've installed Recuva and it appears to work well in most circumstances. However I have a number of memory cards I use in my Canon camera, mostly Kingston and SanDisk. The Kingston ones show up in Recuva but the SanDisk ones don't and give me an error message "Failed to scan the following drives: I:: Invalid drive size".

Both types of memory cards are 8GB. The Kingston is a type 10 SDHC and the SanDisk Extreme type 10 SDHC 30MB's.

The ironic part is that Boostspeed 6 recognised the SanDisk memory cards and the files that had been deleted but would not recover them because they were over 10kb unless I had the paid for version at about £30.

If anyone has any further ideas they would be much appreciated.

  Woolwell 10:54 26 Aug 2014

Too late for you but I never delete files off memory cards until I am certain I have a copy somewhere else or I am sure that I will never need it again.

You didn't originally mention that you have several cards with this problem. £30 isn't a lot if these files are important.

  spuds 11:15 26 Aug 2014

There was a programme on television recently about fake goods that are circulating here in the UK, and memory cards was an item mentioned quite a number of times. Special diagnostic tests were done on some memory cards obtained,including those with well known names printed on them. Yet in the testing they were found to be fakes, some didn't have the capacity stated, other gaves "Failed to scan the following drives: I:: Invalid drive size" or similar messages.

Not saying its the case here, but it does perhaps make you suspect at times, as to what is available, and what risks might be attached?.

  RichTee 11:54 26 Aug 2014

I've managed to retrieve the deleted video clips from the memory card after looking at solutions on the Piriform Community Forum where it was mentioned that Recuva won't scan Raw data. Instead I downloaded some freeware alternatives as a pair of sister utilities PhotoRec and TestDisk from the following link click here looked at both programs but PhotoRec did the job just fine using the step by step guide found on the CGS Security website.


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