Audio/video skipping and sticking

  swiksy 04:45 04 Mar 2005

Experiencing annoying "skipping" in my audio-- sounds just like a scratched cd, when it still plays but there's an audible "blip-blip-blip"-ing... sometimes will freeze for few seconds and "skip" just like cd... happens in some video games (Microsoft desktop 3D pinball) and some WM and Real audio... started happening after I had some virus problems. Ideas/suggestions? Thanks.

  ICF 06:47 04 Mar 2005

Have you reinstalled your sound drivers?

  swiksy 08:02 04 Mar 2005

No. How might I go about doing that?

  ICF 09:04 04 Mar 2005

Have you got a sound card or is it on motherboard sound chip?

  Diodorus Siculus 09:08 04 Mar 2005

click here
Everest will ID your card and then go to the manufacturer site.

  swiksy 11:52 05 Mar 2005

Everest revealed: Device Description Type
Crystal Sound CS4236B Audio Card PnP

Can't find manufacturer website. Other suggestions?

  Diodorus Siculus 16:45 05 Mar 2005

click here

Downloads at click here. Download direct:
click here

  swiksy 05:28 07 Mar 2005

Okay-- I downloaded from your link and restarted, and after a heated arguement with a pesky Microsoft wizard that kept searching for drivers that it couldn't find, I found a way around so that I could get sound again (the first attempt just silenced everything). So, after all this, there is a difference in SOME of the audio-- playback of Flash cartoons, for instance-- but there is still hesitation and temporary "freezing" at times. I suppose I can live with it-- but it's not right, and I know it. Just unsure what to do about it...

  Diodorus Siculus 07:19 07 Mar 2005

Two questions:

Has your machine ever played without this stuttering?

What is your processor, RAM, and operating system?

  swiksy 05:05 08 Mar 2005

two answers:

Yes, this is a (relatively) new difficulty that manifested in the past several months-- seems to have started after I had some virus problems that had me pulling my hair out for a while...

I believe I've got an Intel Pentium II processor with 128MB RAM, running Windows 98.

Probably should get out of the paleolithic and buy a new system, I know... but this one just pretty much works for me and what I need it for, for now...

  Diodorus Siculus 07:26 08 Mar 2005

Do you think that you could do a clean reinstall of windows? That, along with the latest drivers and a visit to might help.

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