audiotape to itunes

  jorf 14:37 28 Feb 2010

Is there a way of adding audio tapes to my Itunes library? I am running Vista home premium on an Acer laptop.

  bremner 14:53 28 Feb 2010

If the audiotape is an mp3 then just go to File>Add to Library and point it at the file you want to add.

  jorf 14:56 28 Feb 2010

No they are ordinary cassettes how do I get them on my computer?

  john bunyan 15:14 28 Feb 2010

1. You need a software programme to import the cassette tunes. I use Roxio Creator 2010, a paid for one but I believe Audacity is a freebe.
I have a soundcard and attach a stereo phono lead from the headphone socket of the cassette player to the microphone input of the sound card . Some without soundcards still have such an input (look at your PC manual).
Then I play the cassette through the PC's speakers and use Audio capture in Roxio with the input setting "Sound through speakers" (or similar.) Using Roxio you can split up the songs , fade in and out etc then convert to MP3. Then you can manually name the song and get audio tags via the internet and Roxio or other software.
Then in i tunes you can "add file (or folder) to the library"

  john bunyan 15:16 28 Feb 2010

My remarks refer to a desktop - do you have on board sound and a microphone input? If so , the same applies.

  jorf 19:08 01 Mar 2010

I have a line in socket on my laptop, so where can I get a lead that has the small jack from the headphone socket on my tape player to the small socket on my laptop. I tried on Maplin but could not understand all the different leads.

  john bunyan 23:17 01 Mar 2010

I think it is a male at each end stereo phono lead ?2.5 or 3.5 mm. Just take in a headphone lead that fits both - Maplins will advise you.

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