Audio working but still exclamation mark

  Ian in Northampton 17:45 03 Jan 2013

I've just installed XP and installed all the drivers. The Realtek audio driver seemed to install fine - 'proven' by the fact that audio works - but in Device Manager, there's still yellow exclamation mark against 'other devices', 'audio device on high definition bus' and 'unknown device'. When I boot, the 'found new hardware' wizard appears. It's a minor annoyance - but I'd still appreciate any thoughts on how to fix it. My initial thought is that it may be something to do with the Intel chipset drivers not having loaded properly, but I don't want to miss with them if I don't have to.

  Ian in Northampton 20:38 03 Jan 2013

Unashamed bump (as it was about to drop off the first page...)

  SillBill 20:45 03 Jan 2013

It got that far in 3 hours?!

  Woolwell 21:19 03 Jan 2013

Onboard sound or sound card?

  Woolwell 21:24 03 Jan 2013

Is this toms hardware relevant?

  Ian in Northampton 18:53 04 Jan 2013

Thanks guys. It's onboard sound. Woolwell: yes, I think that thread is adjacent to my problem - I suspect reinstalling the mobo/chipset drivers may be appropriate, although why they wouldn't have 'taken' in the first place, I have no idea.

  Ian in Northampton 19:47 04 Jan 2013

Hmmm... Reinstalling the mobo/chipset drivers didn't help. I'm wondering (this being a secondhand PC) if there's some random audio device in there that I'm not aware of... Anyone have further thoughts?

  Ian in Northampton 11:45 06 Jan 2013

It's been suggested to me that the issue is to do with HDMI audio on my Radeon 6870. I'm thinking of installing the driver here. Anyone see any problems with that? Or have any suggestions? (Other than create a restore point before doing it...) I'm running XP Pro 32-bit.

  rdave13 12:07 06 Jan 2013

It sounds as the HD audio is missing so that you'd get no sound using a HDMI cable to monitor even if set up correctly, unless the Realtek is also HD. I would be inclined to go to the AMD site for drivers plus there are some helpful troubleshooting tips if needed.

  Ian in Northampton 15:46 06 Jan 2013

Wow - are we all anonymous now?

It's interesting that Device Manager doesn't show any working audio device - just the two devices with yellow exclamation marks.

Short of reinstalling - again - the Realtek driver, I have no way of knowing whether it's the HD version or not. The version I installed is the version recommended for my mobo, and runs as asussetup.exe. I guess I could try a different version of the Realtek driver, although that makes me slightly nervous as I have a working one.

I have no need for HDMI sound. I just want to solve this (very) minor annoyance.

I looked at the AMD site, but there's no mention of a specific audio driver for the Radeon 6870. I'd rather use an 'AMD-approved' one, but the one I mentioned is the only one I can find.


  SillBill 15:50 06 Jan 2013

PCA seems to be anonymising random users!

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