audio volume wont go from none to full

  xxxx1968 20:07 24 Jan 2003

for somereason my master audio slide in c/panel wont let me turn it up ie move the slider it was workin a few days ago ??i have uninstalled +reinstalled the speakers but still no sound doed "tweak u" do this??
thanx everyone

  Old PC man 21:33 24 Jan 2003

What operating system are you using?
Is the volume control showing in your system tray (bottom right hand corner)??
If it is, click on it and see if you can move the slider there.

John {#)

  xxxx1968 22:35 24 Jan 2003

no audio vol not on task bar iam using..M.E i can access the short cut but nothing happens ??stumped thanx for replying tho

  Old PC man 22:48 24 Jan 2003

Afraid I don't know anything about ME. I went straight from '95 to XP. Bit of a culture shock.

Maybe Jazzypop or Edstow can help. They're both brilliant.



  woodchip 22:54 24 Jan 2003

Reload your sound drivers

  chriscars1 23:21 24 Jan 2003

Is it onboard sound because i lost mine when i installed my modem and had to uninstall everything and re-install

  woodchip 23:27 24 Jan 2003

It would be nice to know what worked thanks

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