Audio, taskbar, and software problem.

  carnagedd 22:08 09 Sep 2018

Yesterday, I powered up my PC, it had a normal startup and all apps were updated. Everything was fine, everything was working for 4-5 hours, after that the PC has been shut down by me. I went to sleep, and the morning after I powered the PC back up. After startup it offered me a CCleaner update via download panel if that's what's it called. I clicked yes and went on with my day. I opened youtube tried playing a song and I had no audio. I thought it was the headphones because I had problems beforehand with them. After half an hour of fixing I gave up and connected my speakers. They didn't dish out sound too. I disconnected them, and tried playing it through CPU sound, that didn't work as well. Then I knew something was wrong, I tried so many fixes but nothing worked, I tried sfc, uninstalling and installing audio drivers, restarting the audio, restarting the PC. Nothing. So this is my last hope, if there are any people that encountered this problem help me if you can. If not I guess it's time to hit up the computer service :( Thanks in advance.

  difarn 23:45 09 Sep 2018

Have you tried restoring your PC to a date before the CC Cleaner update?

Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore. Choose "Restore my computer to an earlier time.

This will uninstall programs installed after that date but won't touch your personal files.

  carnagedd 13:22 10 Sep 2018

I already tried that, but seems like the virus or whatever I picked up denied me Administrator access so I can't start Pc recovery.

  KEITH 1955 14:15 10 Sep 2018

report to ccleaner , last year a disgruntled employee hacked a updated version and everbody got their pc trashed , it could have happened again , tell them what version you are running now.

also try the following

I had problems with headphones and speakers after a windows creator update so try these steps. 1. Go to device manager/ sounds and mic tabs then right click and uninstall drivers even if they dont have a yellow triangle on them. Windows will reinstall them on restart. 2. In sounds/playback tab right click and disable the realtek digital output. just above the icon when using SPEAKERS you should see a green tick in the speaker icon , right click if missing. When you plug in your headphones the icon will go out and if you scroll down you will see a new one for headphones . when you swap between speakers and phones it takes a few seconds to find new device. 3. check properties tab on both headphones .... green jack highlighted and microphone pink jack. finally at bottom right corner where the speaker icon is change the tab to realtec high def audio , i have my volume at 50%

  difarn 21:14 10 Sep 2018

Which operating system are you using? Have you tried restoring it to an earlier date in safe mode? What was the error you got when trying to use system restore?

Try turning on the administrator account using a command prompt. Click on start (windows orb), type in cmd and the black command prompt box should appear. Type in net user Administrator/active: yes - making sure you include the spaces as shown (windows 7). Right-click Start and choose Command Prompt or Command Prompt (Admin) from the Quick Link menu. (windows 10).

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