Audio splitter

  Eargasm 23:02 02 Dec 2004

Hi all
I have a full album on my pc that windows media player shows as one file 43 minutes long,there are 14 tracks on the album. Is it possible to split it into seperate tracks? and if so how to do it i have audacity and dbpoweramp installed.

  Eargasm 14:15 04 Dec 2004

Thanks for reply.

I have split a file up before into individual tracks but i can't remember which program i used , i have a feeling it was audacity but i am not sure.

Can anyone else advise?.

  Eargasm 18:07 04 Dec 2004


  Eargasm 17:10 05 Dec 2004

Thanks mate

That is just what i am looking for,incidently i have just found the program on my pc that i used before it was called audio convertor and was a 30 day trial, i clicked on it and got the message your evaluation period has expired by 242 days no wonder i coulden't remember it.

  Graham ® 17:37 05 Dec 2004

OK, I give in! what does HTH mean?

  Eargasm 20:49 05 Dec 2004

Hope this helps ?

  Graham ® 21:11 05 Dec 2004

IMHO, possibly.

  Graham ® 21:14 05 Dec 2004

Or Harry the Horse click here

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