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Audio quality on video calls

  kaif84 20:28 22 Mar 2020

When I am on a Skype or Zoom call, if the other person is speaking and I speak in between them, that is, if I speak without waiting for them to pause, they can't hear me.

For them to hear me, they have to stop, there has to be a pause, and then I have to speak. This makes the conversation a bit artificial.

I am using Skype and Zoom on my Windows 7 laptop, using the laptop mic and speakers.

A friend suggested that using a USB mic would change this because Skype probably mutes my mic when the other person is speaking. I don't know if this is true, because I don't experience this with every person I do a video call with.

I asked the same question on the Skype community and one of the persons said that Skype does not support "double duplex". But again, I am not sure if "double duplex" is what is required, because I don't get the problem with every person, but only with a few persons I speak to.

I am on an ethernet cable while they are using wi-fi.

What could be causing this - a weak internet connection, or issues with the mic and speaker, or is this just how video calls work, something else?

Would appreciate any suggestions to help this issue.

I asked both persons I spoke to test their internet speeds, and I did the same. Here are the results:

For me:

Ping - 5 ms Jitter - 5 ms Download speed - 45 Mbps Upload speed - 40 Mbps

For the others:

Person 1: Ping - 34 ms Jitter - 4 ms Download speed - 63 Mbps Upload speed - 82 Mbps

Person 2:

Ping - 32 ms Jitter - 1 ms Download speed - 78 Mbps Upload speed - 106 Mbps

  wee eddie 15:02 23 Mar 2020

I don't believe the speeds they have given you because, Upload speed is usually about 10% of Download Speed.

Most PC's, & Tablets, so long as they are not very low Spec, old, or compromised by Malware, can handle such calls with ease.

However, using a video feed can take up considerable bandwidth.

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