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  bpzoom 11:36 15 Apr 2004

Don't laugh but I am an Everton fan and until recently was able to enjoy listening to the audio playback of comments from players and manager from the official Everton web site. This last week I can't understand a word spoken as it is all garbled. It sounds as if phrases are overlaying each other. If it is relevant, I have latest Windows Media Player version 9 and the free Real Player version 10, and the AOL Media Player. Someone will tell me none of these have anything to do with my problem, which shows how ignorant I am. Please can someone advise in which system area I am likely to find my problem? To my knowledge I have made no changes to affect what previously was perfectly normal speech playback.

700mhz AMD Athlon, 512mb ram
win xp home sp1
aol 9 broadband
e-Trust EzAntivirus
McAfee Personal Firewall Plus
Spyware Blaster
Spybot Search and Destroy

  pj123 14:50 15 Apr 2004

Personally, I don't use any of the ones you are using. I use JetAudio free from click here and it works perfect for me every time. I don't listen to Everton but I do listen to BBC streams quite often. I found Real Player to be a "Real Pain" so took it off. Jetaudio can read Real Player files like .ra .ram etc.. The download file is 18mb but it about 7 minutes on my Broadband connection at 600kbs. Give it a try. Once installed it needs to be setup. Go to Preferences, File, File Type Association. Click on Check All and then Update and OK. It should now be able to cope with any Audio/Video file type thrown at it.

  pj123 14:53 15 Apr 2004

PS. give a link to the Everton site and I will see what I get using JetAudio.

  bpzoom 16:47 15 Apr 2004

Thanks, the site is click here on the enter box. You do not have to login. Click on Radio Everton at the top and choose any of the audio messages centre bottom from players.Brian

  pj123 17:52 15 Apr 2004

Oops, bpzoom. I get "The page cannot be displayed" from your link?

  bpzoom 19:21 15 Apr 2004

Pj123 Don't understand! Here it is again. click here

  paddyjack 19:36 15 Apr 2004

who are everton but no matter I have just tried one of there audio files and it played fine on media player 9

  bpzoom 20:06 15 Apr 2004

Paddyjack. Maybe the fault is now found, although exactly why I do not know. I had AOL media player as the preferred option on AOL 9 broadband. I think, but am not sure, that was the default I accepted. I have removed that option in AOL9 and the Everton audio played perfectly, picking up Real Player.I reverted to AOL Media player again, and the problem started again. A speed test shows I am running at 420kbs or thereabouts.Despite that a RealPlayer pop up claimed my modem was set to 28kbs and offered to uprate to 512DSL which I did. I reran AOL media Player on Everton and the problem was there again. I shall not use it again at least not for the Everton site. How do I get it to default to Windows Media Player which I prefer anyway? Thanks to you both for chipping in.

  bpzoom 20:13 15 Apr 2004

No need to answer the last question! I did the obvious and went into Windows media Player and set it as default for everything.

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