Audio - Play from both external audio jacks

  RickH0684 12:59 28 May 2007

I have two ext audio jacks, one on front of computer and one on the rear,

Does anyone know how I can get my computer to output from both, the one on the front is marked as headphones but I currently have this going to the back of my amplifier then out through my stereo speakers, would be good if they could play through computer speakers as well.

Thanks in advance.


  martjc 13:07 28 May 2007

...on the exact sound card you are using. But I feel pretty sure that most cards work in this way:

If you plug into the front socket it cancels out the back by use of a circuit break. If you plug into the back it cancels the front. I don't think you can use both at once without stripping down the sockets and removing the circuit break from both. Even then you'd probably have problems getting it to work.

  RickH0684 13:09 28 May 2007

That sounds like a very good explanation for why it wont work and its only a built in Dell soundcard, so I think I'll leave this one to rest,

Thanks once again martjc

  Stuartli 13:26 28 May 2007

You can still do what you require, but using just one of the jack plugs, with a dual output 3.5mm jack plug adapter. See:

click here

Probably about £1.50 at your local audio shop.

I use one of these adapters to allow a headset for Skype use and also my 2.1 speaker system - the headset can be turned off using the volume control to allow the speakers to function and vice versa (the speakers' on/off switch is the key in this case).

  Stuartli 13:27 28 May 2007

Should be "..but using just one of the jack plugs sockets..."

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