Audio with JPG's

  realnewbie 05:34 19 Feb 2005

Have a cd burned with family JPG's. Kind of boring to just stare at. How can/do I add audio/music to play while viewing on DVD.

  huzzar 07:05 19 Feb 2005

click here

Try this MS program. It's free too.

  ICF 07:08 19 Feb 2005
  GroupFC 11:58 19 Feb 2005

I have just made a slideshow using Windows Moviemaker2 and added a sound track. It is fairly easy to do and you already have Moviemaker (if you are using XP).

  realnewbie 15:04 19 Feb 2005

Will try photo story and/or win movie maker as I have both. Will post results. Thanks for all assistance.

  realnewbie 18:34 20 Feb 2005

Well win movie maker didn't work. Course it was probably my fault. Used version 5.1 , music was an audio file. Dragged all pic's and music to board, saved project to a folder. Entered folder selcted file and open in win movie maker. No pis's just a bunch of red X's, but could get music to play. Didn't burn to another cd.

  GroupFC 22:20 20 Feb 2005

Sorry it didn't work - it sounds like you had a broken link between your project file and the original source (i.e. the pictures), mind you I'm no expert!

Moviemaker does take a bit to get to grips with (especially organising the clips, pictures and sound tracks you want in your project). It might be worth having a look at these two sites to give you some ideas click here and click here.

I especially found the Mightycoach site useful.

  quack 09:39 21 Feb 2005

Firstly - you say you have a CD already burnt with JPEGs. If it is a CD-R and not a DVD-R you won't be able to play it on your DVD player. If however it is a DVD disc the assumption is that you have a DVD writer in your computer. If that is the case you will probably find that your burning programme has a facility built in to allow you to create a slide show with transistions and audio background. Suggest you try this first.

  ICF 19:01 21 Feb 2005

huzzar original link click here Photostory is a really easy to work with program.I created a slide show in minutes.

  realnewbie 00:30 05 Mar 2005

Don't have a dvd burner. Started all over again. Used Win Movie Maker. Dropped all jpg's into storyboard, added audio track. Saved project, as WMV format. Used "burn to cd" wizard in movie maker. Cd burned, put into DVD player..... got audio only. This is becoming esasperating for this dummy. Any more suggestions?

  GroupFC 15:21 05 Mar 2005

Ok - I am by no means an expert at this but I think it may be because your DVD player doesn't recogonise the format that windows moviemaker uses to create the CD.

If you look at the help files in moviemaker you will see that it uses a format called HighMAT and I think this may be causing your problems. Check your DVD player to see if it supports the HighMAT format as not all of them do.

You could see the pictures before because I suspect you burned them to CD as straight JPGs which your DVD player is capable playing.

The following is the relevant part of the moviemaker help files:-

"Saving a movie to a recordable CD
The Recordable CD saving option lets you save your movie for playback on a recordable or rewriteable CD (CD-R or CD-RW). When this option is selected, the final movie is saved to a recordable or rewriteable CD in the Save Movie Wizard.

In Windows Movie Maker, movies saved to a recordable CD are saved by using Microsoft HighMAT™ technology. A HighMAT (High-performance Media Access Technology) CD can contain audio, video, and pictures. HighMAT-compatible consumer electronic devices recognize how the content is organized on the CD, and enable users to play content using the displayed menus. The recordable CD can be played back on a computer as well. For more information about HighMAT, see the Microsoft Web site. Consumer electronic devices that can play back HighMAT CDs created in Windows Movie Maker have the following logo."

This is where I am more uncertain ground!

If your DVD player doesn't support this format what I think you then need to do is save the project to your computer as an .avi file (in the save movie wizard click on "other settings" and then choose "DV-AVI PAL"). You will then need to use something such as Nero to create a VCD (video CD) or SVCD (super video CD) which you should be able to play on your DVD player.

Good luck!

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