audio drivers for Compaq Desk Pro

  Boy Zone 17:36 27 Mar 2005


I'm trying to help out a friend who has no sound on his PC. He has a Compaq Desk Pro EN6400 350Mhz PC.
I have been on the HP website site click here
But don't know which drive to download for him. Any help would be useful.

Many thanks

  octal 17:42 27 Mar 2005

I had the same problem a while ago, seeing as there are only two audio drivers to choose from try each one in turn till you find which works.

  octal 17:44 27 Mar 2005

I should also have said the Sound Blaster AudioPCI 128 Driver sounds familiar.

  octal 17:48 27 Mar 2005

Sorry about this, ideas keep coming to me, try an audit of what's on the PC by running this software, it should tell you what's in the computer: click here

  Boy Zone 17:50 27 Mar 2005

Thanks for you reply,

I don't think he has a PCI sound card, I think it's on board.


  octal 17:51 27 Mar 2005

I think its still called a PCI sound card though, I could be mistaken, it was a while ago.

  bluesbrother 19:20 27 Mar 2005

You should find what you need on the Compaq site. click here

  octal 19:58 27 Mar 2005

Ermm, did you check Boy Zones' link? :-)

  bluesbrother 22:31 27 Mar 2005

Compaq - looks the same to me.......dohh!

Sorry 'bout that.

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