Audio Drivers - CD music (*.cda) dont play

  Madboy 15:38 22 Apr 2004

When i formatted the PC the other day i thought i installed all necassary Sound drivers to my pc. Just today i tried playing a Audio CD and no sound came out of my speaker. In the Device Hardware profile it has:

Wave Device for Voice Modem

which has the yellow exclamation mark next to it. Perhaps this driver needs re-installing for the CD Audio to play. (perhaps why i cant talk through the Mic neither).

Im running on Windows 98 SE, and i tried playing several different Audio CD's on both Windows CD Player, and Winamp 2.

Appreciate any suggestions, as the driver profile above cant seem to be installed correctly.


  Gongoozler 21:37 23 Apr 2004

Hi Madboy. If you are only having problems with analogue cd sound, it may not be a driver problem. Have a look in Control Panel - Multimedia - CD music. Check that the right cd drive is selected and that the volume slider is at full. Also look in your sound controls to check that the volume slider for cd music is at maximum. The access to the sound mixer panel varies according to the sound card/chip so I can't tell you how to find yours. A final possibility, check that you haven't disconnected the analogue sound lead from the cd drive.

  Gongoozler 21:39 23 Apr 2004

Oh well, while I was busy typing, you went and did it! At least it confirms that my first guess was right.

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