Audio Drivers

  tes 09:47 20 Jun 2010

In device manager I have two drivers ie ATI HD Driver( ATI Radeon 4350 graphic card) & Via HD Audio (Asus Motherboard).Why do I need two? & if I don't Which one do I uninstall? I have a problem with Mic & earphone saying they are not plugged in when they are & I wondered if this could be the problem.

  sunnystaines 09:50 20 Jun 2010

I would stick to the ATI HD audio.

I have the same graphics card its excellent sound,I also have realtek onboard sound which i disabled in the BIOS as it failed to work properly.

  Ian in Northampton 09:52 20 Jun 2010

Well, you need two because by the looks of it, one is a graphics driver and the other is an audio driver (I think you're getting confused by the fact that both say they're HD drivers - but that's HD graphics and HD audio). You might want to try uninstalling and reinstalling the audio driver, see if that makes a difference.

You don't say, by the way, whether the mic/headphone have worked before but have stopped working, or if they've never worked in the first place. On many PCs, the front audio ports aren't enabled - you need to use the rear audio ports.

  Ian in Northampton 09:54 20 Jun 2010

Sunnystaines: that confuses me. The 4350 is, if I understand correctly, purely a graphics card and has nothing to do with audio - so if you've disabled on board audio, where on earth is your audio coming from? Surely not the 4350?

  aquatarkus 11:57 20 Jun 2010

These cards have HDMI output so can transmit audio (DD 5.1 DTS etc) especially useful if you are using the pc as a htpc and conncted to a large LCD screen and a/v amp.

  tes 11:59 20 Jun 2010

Ian In device manager it says--
ATI HD audio Device & the only ATI card I have got is the graphics card

  Ian in Northampton 18:12 20 Jun 2010

Well, you - I - live and learn. I guess in that case, in answer to your original question, I'd have to ask what your speakers are plugged into? Not knowing the ATI card (I think that's apparent... :-( ) I don't know if you plug speakers into it - and if you do, I'd suggest uninstalling the other audio driver.

  tes 21:24 20 Jun 2010

No the ati card is just a graphic card .No provision for speakers

  sunnystaines 21:54 20 Jun 2010

you card is both sound and graphics the driver has sound and graphics all rolled into the ati catalyst suit, latest version

click here

disable your onboard sound in the BIOS

  sunnystaines 21:55 20 Jun 2010

link for windows 7 only

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