audio courses

  Yeldarb 10:41 25 Sep 2008

I am a rookie as regards MP3, digital to audio transfer, WAV etc etc.
I contacted the local adult education - but they have no courses.
Where can I learn the basics ?

  Pineman100 17:51 25 Sep 2008

See whether this is any help: click here

  Yeldarb 10:21 26 Sep 2008

Many thanks Pineman 100 I read the document thoroughly and it is very interesting to read the definitions etc. - The information is rather theoretical however. I was trying to find a "hands-on" course to experiment with these techniques. How does everyone know so much about them ?
Thanks again

  canarieslover 12:02 26 Sep 2008

I reckon that you over estimate how much everyone knows about audio formats. Most people learn just enough to be able to rip CD's to their required format, and then transfer them to their MP3 players.
This information is usually in the manual for your media player and also they often come with software to do the job. The only real variation is how many bits per second. Your ears will tell you if you have recorded at too low a rate, normally 128bps is the minimum to go to for MP3. The higher this rate then the nearer to CD quality, but the trade off is a bigger file size.

  Yeldarb 12:24 26 Sep 2008

Thank you Canarieslover. I take your point. My problem is how to transfer music from my minidisc recorder to computer, and which is digital and which is analogue.
I edit the items on the minidisc recorder - but if I transfer to Pioneer CD recorder this requires AUDIO CDs which are much more expensive than DATA CDs and sometimes harder to find.
If I knew more about the subject I could possibly transfer to computer which records DATA discs - but I can't find out how to do this

  canarieslover 13:31 26 Sep 2008

You can probably do it with a lead from line out or headphone socket to line in or mic socket on your PC sound card. Use a program like Audacity to record incoming music file. This can also be used to edit into separate tracks. Only problems with doind it this way are - 1. It will be transferred in real time, and - 2. Depending on the quality of your sound card there will also be some added 'noise' in the recorded music.

  Yeldarb 13:41 27 Oct 2008

Many thanks canaries lover. Will try this in next few days and keep you informed how I get on.
If it works I'll be delighted.
I was going to try the transfer via iPod - but I dont think it is possible to transfer from iPod to computer sound card.

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