Audio Cd will not play in car CD player

  vin 19:54 12 Apr 2010

Hi there,
Can some one help? I have burned audio cd's from MP3 files using WMP,I Tunes Player and Burn Aware Free programes but they will not play in my car cd player nor a ghetto blaster.
The original MP3 file sizes for the tracks are over 4,000Kb but shows up as 44Kb. on burnt disk.
When I check the disk property after burning, it shows 0% free space and 0% used. Each track file size is shown as 44 Kb.
I have burnt on 2 different brands of CD's and on Dell Laptop running Vista and on Desk top running Win 7 ultimate. The original tracks have been different on both.Both have the same problem.
The disc plays ok in Cinema surround DVD player and othe Pc's. The disk's have been finalised.
Can some one tell me where I am going wrong.
Please Help.

Thank you advance for your assistance.

  peter99co 20:59 12 Apr 2010

The car CD player is MP3 compatable?

  matthew-293741 21:26 12 Apr 2010

seems to me your burning the image not the file (happens if you use wmp 9 for instance) i would try another burning app - you can get loads for free trials - the one i use is copytodvd (google it) you get 15 days free trial at least this will eliminate if it is a software issue.

  eedcam 22:03 12 Apr 2010

As said your car player probably does not play mp3 the fact it plays on your dvd player has no bearing on the matter Youhave probably just made a data cd

  Simsy 22:04 12 Apr 2010

that the files you have burnt to CD aren't audio files, (maybe track listings?.... which would explain the small file sizes), and/or you haven't actually burnt an AUDIO CD...

I'm not familiar with the software your using but for a CD to play in the devices you want it must be an audio CD... make sure you are burning that, rather than burning audio files onto a CD as data.

Hope this helps, with apologies if it doesn't!



  bartonside 22:04 12 Apr 2010

I am looking for some sound recording software which I don't mind buying if it is not too expensive. I have had some experience with Sadie and Adobe Audition in a professional environment and I need something at home that will allow me to copy and edit music and, sometimes, add a voice track as part of a forthcoming series of music programmes for a new community radio station. Any ideas?

  vin 22:09 12 Apr 2010

The car cd player is not MP3 compatable.

I have used Burn Aware free software and still the same problem. The burnt file are not MP3.

The burnt tracks are cd audio tracks. They are only 44 bytes and not 44kb as previously stated in my initial post.

  bremner 22:10 12 Apr 2010

In iTunes create a Playlist called Burn and drag a few tarcks into it.

Right click on 'Burn' and choose 'Burn Playlist to Disk' and see what the result is.

  vin 22:40 12 Apr 2010

I have used the method:-
click here

and this is not creating the Audio cd.

  Bapou 22:47 12 Apr 2010

Give Audacity a try, click here by opening your individual mp3 files then from Audacity's File menu choose 'export as .WAV' and save to a separate folder. You will have a better chance of .WAV files on an audio CD playing in your car CD player.

Once you have completed converting, open your .WAV folder and with Windows Media Player create an audio disc.

Working with Audacity you will need the LAME Mp3 encoder. Here's how to download LAME and work the two together, click here

  john bunyan 22:48 12 Apr 2010

In iTunes you can burn audio cd's - about 20 tracks per cd. I quite often do it for a car cd player. I will note the procedure and come back to you , but I suggest, in iTunes, you create a "Playlist" (called, say, CD1) then drag and drop the tunes you want into it. Then insert a blank cd, and tell it to burn the playlist CD1 as an audio cd.

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