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  Gaz W 23:11 20 Jul 2004

I want to burn audio CDs from WAV, FLAC and some MP3 files. A lot of these make up entire albums, and I would like to write them to CD.

If I insert the original version of the CD, when it plays in, say Windows Media Player, I get the track names and even a picture of the album cover. The track info is also displayed on portable CD players that display CD Text. If I burn a CD myself I don't get this; I just get Track 01, Track 02, etc. I can get this by searching for album information using Media Player (searching the net) and only then will it come up - until I remove the CD.

I heard that Nero is bad for copying CDs - although it does do CD text.

Does anyone here know a good method of writing an audio CD with CD text and if possible the picture in the top corner of the album?

  THE TERMINATOR 00:23 21 Jul 2004

are the tracks on the burnt cd named track 1,2 etc or by track title? I would have thought they would have to be named by it's title to show up on a display. As for the picture that is accessed by WMP from the internet while you are playing the CD....TT

  Gaz W 00:30 21 Jul 2004

Thanks Terminator,

Now I think about it the picture is most probably accessed like that, but it would need to recognise which album it's got in to be able to do that.

The files on the CD are named Track01.cda, but this is always the case. These files are supposed to contain information about the track I think as well as pointing players to where the audio is on the CD. In Nero you can name the files, but I'm not sure that it would detect the album if I wrote my files using Nero unless I was directly copying the original.

  Gaz W 00:42 21 Jul 2004

I might have found the answer - at least partly...

dbPowerAmp, which I've been using to convert FLACs directly to audio CD, doesn't have the "Power Pack", which apparently allows ID3 tag editing...

click here

This might be what I'm looking for - probably worth looking into.

  leo49 00:59 21 Jul 2004

When you rip the original CD to your HDD prior to burning with dbPower, use the CDGrab component to access the online database to retrieve the track titles, then burn the CD with the Write text box checked in Nero and job done.

  leo49 01:00 21 Jul 2004

Should of course read "when you rip with dbPoweramp prior to burning with Nero"

  Gaz W 01:22 21 Jul 2004

Hi leo49,

If I am ripping the original CD, I can use EAC (Exact Audio Copy), which is supposed to do it perfectly.

Basically I have a load of FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) files which were at some stage ripped from an original CD, which is missing and most probably ruined anyway.

(By the way I have the FLAC files compressed and this means I can fit around 10 albums on one DVD (single layer) in their original quality.)

Anyway, I need the track information on - I take it I can still do what you suggest above if I use dbPowerAmp to burn the CD?

What is the CDGrab component? Is this in Nero or dbPowerAmp because I can't find it in either!

I have been advised to avoid Nero for burning audio because it supposedly "misses bits out". I probably wouldn't notice but I thought I might as well have a good copy of the audio.

  leo49 01:45 21 Jul 2004

CDGrab is a component of dbPoweramp.You can retrieve track title information from the online databases only if you're ripping from the original CD.

Nero will write the CDText according to the file name input.If you input Track I then that's what's going to be written.If you can't obtain the track titles automatically then you must input them manually.

I would suggest that anyone who's had poor results burning audio with Nero should look to the HID rather than the software.

  Gaz W 01:49 21 Jul 2004

I think for now I'll use Nero - I actually have Nero 6 Ultra so I have all the plugins - or at least I'm supposed to. It seems that although dbPowerAmp is good, its really good features aren't free!

Anyway I'll have a go and let you know how I get on...

PS - I've noticed you can input the EAN number with Nero - I don't know what it'll do but hopefully it's like selling a DVD on eBay (automatically puts all information up for you).

Anyway I'll have a go. Thanks for your help,


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