Audio CD burn to Mp3

  Grey 18:35 25 Oct 2014

The CD music system in my car will only play Mp3 CD's and I need to find a simple program for Windows 8.1 that will transfer the music on an audio CD to a Mp3 format on another cd. Anybody know of a simple program not riddled with malware?

  AroundAgain 18:59 25 Oct 2014

Maybe try Freemake - free download

or Audacity - another free download, but you'd need this if you wanted to convert to MP3

I have used both of these and, as far as I know, they are 'clean' downloads.

Although Audacity is an audio editor, you can just open an audio file, then 'Save As' MP3, then close. It's very quick. You would then need a CD burning program to burn the file to CD.

I can't think of any program you could convert and burn with but, if there is one, I'm sure someone will be posting in due course

  john bunyan 19:12 25 Oct 2014

iTunes does it too

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:50 25 Oct 2014

Freemake is riddled with PUPs but can be clean installed as long as you pick the custon install option and are careful to untick all the add on stuff that comes packaged with it.

I use the video convertor it is an excellant program..

If you have windows media player install that will "rip" an audio CD to mp3 and you can then burn the mp3 files to a CD as a data disk.

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