Audio Cassettes on to a PC

  bgrave 00:13 27 Feb 2012

Hello I have inherited a number of analogue audio cassettes which contain the voice of my late Father in Law conversing with other village elders. I would like to get the content of the tapes on to my PC. How do I do this and what kit do I need ?.

I am presuming that I will need some sort of a audio cassette tape player.

Once they are on the PC I am hoping to be able run them and perhaps remove some of the rumbles and clicks and finally save them to a CD for this I do have Roxo 2010.

  john bunyan 07:56 27 Feb 2012

I use a radio cassette player. Get a lead from (eg) Maplin with a 3.5 phono male plug at each end. One end into the headphone socket of the cassette player, the other into the microphone socket of the PC sound card. Use Roxio "Capture from Sound Card".Edit and burn CD. Too much to put here but ideally a separate sound card is better.Takes time as it is in real time.

  Batch 08:46 27 Feb 2012

Alternative software widely used for this sort of thing is Audacity Click Here

Once again, description of all you need to do / understand is too much to put here. Suggest you read the instructions / help available for the software itself.

Connection of cassette player to PC is same as above.

  robin_x 10:03 27 Feb 2012

When you have completed your recordings, you are aware how easy it is for digital data to be lost or corrupted in these modern times?

Keep multiple copies.

eg Main drive and another drive


Online such as Dropbox

And always keep the original sources.

  bgrave 21:20 27 Feb 2012

Thank you all for your input I will now start looking around.

  Aitchbee 23:22 27 Feb 2012

I used to use a piece of software called Soundforge.

Whatever package you use, you might be able to remove any unwanted noises on the tapes, and use 'cut and paste' to build up a good commentary, from your late father-in-law.

Good Luck.

  eedcam 10:09 28 Feb 2012

Bgrave just to muddy the waters a wee bit more you might grab this freebie (today only) may be a bit easier to work with than Audacity though Audio recorder

This is their website wher you can see what it is and even a little video Site and video

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