Audio Alarm

  snowqueen 22:17 22 Jun 2003

Save my sanity| I keep getting an audio alarm on my computer. I cannot turn it off and it is driving me crazy, it changes from a sound like a car alarm to a police car wail, always 2 toned. It will start and stop for no obvious reason and has taken away all the pleasure of using my computer, I want to throw it out the window. PLEASE!! CAN ANYONE HELP ME GET RID OF IT?

  Agent Smith 22:22 22 Jun 2003

Do you have a microphone on your desk. If so move it away from the speakers if it is close to them. It may just be feedback.

  Confab 22:36 22 Jun 2003

It could be the sound BT sends down the line when your phone has been left of the hook... Very strange but it could be somthing to do with your modem perhaps??


  snowqueen 22:38 22 Jun 2003

Thank for the suggestion Agent Smith, I havent a microphone on the desk. I can turn sown the sound on the speakers but not from the internal speaker in the stack. I have a feeling that this could be some kind of alarm to let me know I have a problem within the stack but don't know what?

  Agent Smith 22:44 22 Jun 2003

Have you looked in Control panel. Open Control panel then System and then look under the Device Manager to see if you have any Red marks against you devices denoting a conflict. That's for Win 98 not sure about XP

  jazzypop 22:51 22 Jun 2003

Look in your BIOS. You probably have a temperature or fan speed sensor that is being triggered.

Disable the BIOS monitoring of these events for a while, see if they stop. If so, you should then investigate what is causing the overheating / fan slowdown, and remedy that.

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