Rhuddlan 00:37 21 Aug 2004

While haveing audio conversations on msn messenger i can hear my contacts but they can't hear me, we both have win xp home and msn messeneger 6.2, have been through the audio/video tuning wizard and pressed the audio button on the toolbar but still no luck, any ideas?

  Rhuddlan 01:12 21 Aug 2004


  [email protected] 02:23 21 Aug 2004

have you tested that your microphone is working properly by testing it in sound recorder or similar?

If it is, a firewall may be the cause

  Hunky 03:16 21 Aug 2004

Yeah, I think [email protected] may be right. I had same prob.... I 'Blew' my mic by plugging it into the speaker output.I bought a new one (but cheap)for test purposes, worked great...Good luck,Hunky.

  Benzo 04:07 21 Aug 2004

i had the same problem last nite but i fixed it by starting the audio conversation myself,

i couldnt hear my contact but her setup was perfectly fine (she had been talking to other people with it) she could hear me but i couldnt hear her i found that if i started the audio conv it seemed to work, i dont know why but this seemed to work

hope this helps

benzo ferrari!!

  Benzo 04:10 21 Aug 2004

wot i mean is basically if you get your contact to start the audio conversation, it may work!!

thanx benzo ferrari!!

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