audigy 2 platrinum

  craig-232035 23:04 22 Jun 2003

can anyone tell me the difference between the audiogy 2 platinum and the audigy 2 platinum ex ive got the ex version

  leo49 23:37 22 Jun 2003

AS I understand it,platinum is an internal sound card and the 'ex' model is an external plug-in via USB.

  Mysticnas 23:41 22 Jun 2003

many people get this confused.... the Extigity is the external card!!!

I have the audigy 2 platinum (NON EX).

the difference is in the break out box. You know the box with the digital connecters and firewire port? well on a NON EX version that box fits into the 5.25" bay on the PC, like where the CD drive goes. Thats the only diff!!!

  leo49 23:46 22 Jun 2003

I'm glad someone knows what they're talking about!So where does the EX go? Same as a normal soundcard?

  powerless 23:52 22 Jun 2003

Compare Sound Blaster® Audigy? 2 Platinum eX click here with the Sound Blaster® Audigy? 2 Platinum click here

Pretty pictures as well ;-)))

  Mysticnas 01:09 23 Jun 2003

ex is just the same. the use exactly the same sound card and hard ware. just the the connection box for the EX sits outside the system as opposed to in the drive bay.

  craig-232035 18:32 23 Jun 2003

i went to pcworld because they gave me a faulty hd and got a CREDIT NOTE for the price of the hd, and thought to myself i could do with a decent sound card. So i asked for assitance from one of there advisors and asked which one was best he recommended the audiogy 2 platinum ex i asked him how much it was he said 99.99 so i grabbed it went to the counter and the sales assistant said 123.00 please i said no it is 99.99 he said sorry its 199.99. i disagreed with him and asked to see the manager he advised me and said its 199.99 i showed him where it was and the assistant that helped me say it was 99.99 in the end i got the sound card for 99.99 i thoght which was a good price

please can people look in the new thread called what do people think of pcworld and there staff

  Mick248 19:53 23 Jun 2003

OK there are 3 different types of this.

1) Aud player2. This is just like a sound card that fits inside the PC.

2) Aud Platinum. This is the small break out box that fits into the front of your PC with connector running to sound card within your PC.

3) Aud Plat Ex. this is the larger black break out box that sits alongside your PC and is connected to it by firewire and another lead.

(NB. Aud Plat is a real pain and has compatability problems with some ASUS boards where as the other 2 do not.

Though (sorry about the droning on) On occasion you will need to disable the Aud game port and enable the onboard as Aud does not give up resources.

Hope this Essay helped someone in some way.

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