Audeal keep getting lost

  [DELETED] 20:39 29 Nov 2003

Some 2 weeks ago Audeal made a comment about the way the page Does not return to the place it started from even when using the back button. I had the same moan. I think that I have found the culprit. When I use the IE6 browser it does not happen but when I use the BTYahoo browser on BB it most certainly does. The fault there appears to once again lie with that awful BTYahoo browser, along with other niggles. I have just tried it again and as far as I am concerned I have proved it to my satisfaction.

  [DELETED] 23:34 29 Nov 2003


  [DELETED] 23:37 29 Nov 2003

Can you clarify? Is this just in PCA or the net in general? What exactly happens?

  [DELETED] 09:30 30 Nov 2003

I use other forums and dont have this trouble with any as far as I can remeber but I will check and if I find it happening elsewhere I will report back. But to the main point of this thread. I never had any trouble with PCA while using dial up, not even after the new PCA site was opened except the daft niggles like the lack of pound sign etc. Then I went BB and started to use the BTYahoo browser, that was when the problem of not going back to the same point on the page reared its head. After reading AUDEAL's posting it started me thinking and I realised that if I used IE6 browser it didn't happen and I would be taken back to the point on the page near to the thread that I had clicked on. Using the BTYahoo browser if I use the back button as usual I always am taken back to the top of the page. Of course I was told via this forum to use the shift key when clicking on to a thread and that is a work around, but that negates the use of the back button. As I said at the time of AUDEAL'S posting, it is not a big deal but is a niggle and now I have found that IE6 is ok I just am selective of which browser I use.
I hope that this gives you some clues because I am way out of my knowledge depth with this one.

  Audeal 13:13 30 Nov 2003

Hi Bagsey.
The main point to my thread click here was that when clicking on one of the links to go to a thread this link remains the same and does not change to a different colour, as is the case with other web sites. In other words, ( on other web sites) when clicking on a link, the link changes to a different colour and remains that way until you leave the site. This enables you to see at a glance which links you have visited. When you have a long list to work your way down, like this forum, it becomes very easy to get lost in this list and the changing of the colour would greatly assist in finding where you left off or which links you have visited, and of course it does not help when the list is constantly changing.

I use IE6. Although this does take me back to the general area of the page, IE. half way down the page, If that is where I left off, but I still have to search down the list to find the last link I clicked on, and it could well have moved up or down the list and is therefore difficult to find. A change of colour would help in finding this link.

I would like to say at this point that I think I must have upset the FE when I contradicted my self by saying that it needed his "urgent attention" and then later stated that it was "no big deal". The first statement was intended to be lighthearted but obviously did not come over that way. To the FE I humbly apologies to him for this contradiction ( and hope we are still on good terms ).

I must admit that I am not very good at expressing myself and sometimes causes problems and this seems to be one of them times. I hope this helps to make things a little clearer.


  [DELETED] 14:08 30 Nov 2003

I accept what you say and obviously I misunderstood your comments. However my problem is that BTYahoo broswer seems to have(HAS) problems with this site that I dont get with IE6.
I also dont get these problems with other forums that I subscribe to???? I notice the FE has made no comments so far, maybe to busy, but my thread was not intended to be a critisism of this site but I had rather hoped that your thread and this could have been a learning experience. I have tried to raise this and other things with BT but it is a very longwinded process.

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