Daiol 15:23 24 Oct 2010

Just installed the above to attemt to copy some music from a muisc dvd.
This is what I did.
Played the dvd place the microphone near the speaker the started the dvd and the audacity the same time,I let it carry on till the end of the music session.
Then exported the music from audacity to my music folder as wave sound flie.Now when I went to play this file it shows up in my music okay WMP plays the music okay but without much volume,But when I opened the audacity options I set the volume on the mic to full.
So I burnt this file to a cd using wmp it will play on my standalone cd player but here again I have to turn the volume all the way to full to hear the music.
PS.I'm using windows xp pro.
Any thoughts here please?

  GaT7 15:50 24 Oct 2010

If you have a setting in your sound card to record 'What you hear', then use this setting instead of recording via microphone.

Control Panel > Sounds and Audio Devices > Audio tab > the rest is in this screenshot: click here.

Afaik, this is the best way to do it. G

  GaT7 16:00 24 Oct 2010

Also set Audacity to record from 'What you hear'. It's been some time since I used it, & I cannot remember where the setting is exactly. If it's not present, then try recording w/o this setting specified in Audacity.

If your sound card doesn't seem to have this capability, then you'll need to add it (assuming it's capable). From Recording Control in the above screenshot > choose Options > Properties > put a check in the 'What you hear' box > OK.

If this 'What you hear' option is missing completely, then you'll have to get an alternative sound card that's capable of this. G

  Daiol 16:20 24 Oct 2010

Crossbow7,Thanks for the reply,Regarding your screenshot I clicked on the audio tab but as per screenshot i dont have the right side box that you have in screenshot.
In the sounds and audio box where i clicked on the audio tab.Next to the the default device is Realtek HD audio output.That is also next the the mic sound recording.
Does that mean anything to help me out here.

  GaT7 16:32 24 Oct 2010

Under the Audio tab click on the Volume button under 'Sound recording' - this is mentioned in the screenshot.

OK, so your 'sound card' is basically integrated Realtek HD Audio - it may be capable of this 'What you hear' recording. See my 2nd post to see how to display it in the Recording Control if it's present. G

  Daiol 17:54 24 Oct 2010

Regarding the audio box.Thia what i got
[IMG]click here[/IMG]

  GaT7 18:04 24 Oct 2010

Right, you're using Vista or Win7. See if this is any help in enabling it there click here. G

  Daiol 18:25 24 Oct 2010

Sorry to say I'm using windows xp pro,As stated in my post.

  GaT7 20:53 24 Oct 2010

Sorry, your screenshot looked so much like Vista/Win7.

See my 2nd post then, 2nd paragraph.

If the 1st screenshot didn't display fully, this is what it should have looked like click here. G

  Daiol 22:17 24 Oct 2010

Thanks for your info,A pal of mine put me intouch with another little free program that he uses for the same method as audacity,Dont know if you know of it,But will have a go later tomorrow will get back to you with update.
click here

  rdave13 22:30 24 Oct 2010

This should help; click here
Burn the dvd to hdd then use audacity to record.

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