Audacity : from tape to CD

  keewaa 21:51 30 May 2006

I was wondering if anyone has found good pluggins for audacity to clean up old audio tapes during conversion to MP3/CD ? and if so any special settings used that work ?

  Wak 09:25 31 May 2006

I don't know about Audacity as I don't use it but in Nero Wave Editor (included with Nero program)I find that you can clean up the hum and buzz, etc on tapes by selecting a portion of the wave form in a part of the song which is supposed to be silent and then remove that wave form from the entire recording.
I suggest that you experiment with a copy of your original wave form so that nothing is lost if it doesn't work out as required.
You may find that paragraphs 4, 5 and 6 in the following may help to explain.
click here

  Eric half-a-bee 09:43 31 May 2006

Audacaity has a "Noise Removal" option that is intended for this sort of purpose.

1. Record your track(s) ith Audacity making sure you have a 'silent' section - i.e. a section with no music but that will have the tape noise/hiss etc.
2. Highlight the silent area (the longer the better) then click "Effect" and "Noise Removal" - then "Get Noise Profile" (a sample of the sound you want to remove).
3. Hightlight the area you want tp remove the noise from (presumably the whole track) and back to "Effect" and "Noise Removal" then play about with the with level and use "Preview" before actually removing the noise. If you bugger it up you can use "Edit/Undo" to reverse it.

Good luck.

  keewaa 10:28 31 May 2006

Thanks Eric, I had tried that one before but it resulted in really poor quality end result. I'll try again but I was hoping for maybe an advanced pluggin for it ?

  Eric half-a-bee 15:21 31 May 2006

I know noise removal can produce some really terrible results, but I have used it in the past with good effect. You'll need to make sure you're getting the best quality possible from the source (less to clean up) - so clean your tape heads (surgical spirit and cotton buds and adjust the treble/bass and audacity's record levels.
If, like me, you have loads of old cassettes you want to transfer it may be worth noting that the feric components in the tapes oxidise with time, and playing one track may be enough to cover the tape heads with gunge and reduce the source quality significantly.

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