Audacity recording

  catpwss 20:13 23 Nov 2011

Hi,Just installed audacity on my windows 7.I wish to record my granddaughter singing songs from the school concert,using a microphone.Can I have some info on the setting of the software to do some recordings,And do I need a good a good mike or will a cheepy work fine,I want the recordings to be rather good.Also can I then transfer her song to a cd disc? many thanks.

  northumbria61 20:40 23 Nov 2011

Audacity Manual here enter link description here

  eedcam 22:17 23 Nov 2011

You really need a decent mic but only you can tell what the results are . Is this going to be you recording at the concert .If so will you be able to positition the mic anywhere you choose or just sat in the audience somewhere. As for transfering to CD yes but not with Audacity once you have the recording and have done any editing just Export as .Wav the youcan burn with windows media playeraudacity

  Aitchbee 22:35 23 Nov 2011

Tell your granddaughter to sing out loud and clear, and (you) get a good seat near the front. An external mic connected to your recording machine will help with the quality of the finished result.It's best to do a rehearsal at another similar event, to get the hang of it.

  catpwss 08:41 24 Nov 2011

Thanks all for info,She wont be on stage Hopefully she will be singing in our home,Depending on her mood as she is a 4 yr old.I suppose you all know it all depends on their moods.Thanks very much.

  eedcam 09:44 24 Nov 2011

At home great do you have a backing track or is it free range Ha! If you do need a backing track let me know may be able to help gratis free

  catpwss 10:46 24 Nov 2011

Thanks.The songs that she will be singing "I Hope" will be songs that she will be doing in the xmas school concert.'Welsh songs mostly' thankyou.

  eedcam 17:52 24 Nov 2011

No prob Just a point in setting the input level in audacity you might find it easier to use windows mixer control bit less coarse adjustment than audacitys own

  catpwss 18:24 24 Nov 2011

That looks complicated for me,thanks anyway.I will have a go this weekend is she's in a singing mood. Thanks.

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