Audacity not recording and 'Line in' vanished.

  Duncanf 09:52 29 Aug 2013

I've recently installed the latest edition of Audacity and when I pressed the red record button to record a programme, I got the message 'Error while opening sound device. Check input settings and project sample rate.' The input settings on the toolbar were completely blank. Can anyone tell me how I get these get 'line in' option for a start. I'm using Windows 7 OS. Thank you in anticipation.

  Ian in Northampton 11:49 29 Aug 2013

It's a very long time since I used Audacity and my memory is very poor. However, I seem to recall that, somewhere, you have to tell it what the 'line in' option is. The default option wasn't, IIRC, the intuitive one - but I forget what it was, and what I had to change it to. The chances are, if you've upgraded from a previous version, it's overwritten the settings in the previous version you had installed, and you need to change them to suit your environment. Sorry that's a bit fuzzy - but look around the options, see what you can find.

  Duncanf 12:23 29 Aug 2013

Thanks, Ian in Northampton for your suggestion. My memory (74+) is also a bit fuzzy as I'm also sure I did this many years ago too. I'm still using Audacity as I found it easy to record from a live input but I'm sure there are many other programmes on offer. Any suggestions? Will keep you informed of my progress.

  Ian in Northampton 12:58 29 Aug 2013

In my mind, for free - even paid for - there's not much out there that's better than Audacity. It seems to be almost the industry standard. Don't give up!

  rdave13 13:41 29 Aug 2013

Hopefully this might help, enter link description here

  rdave13 13:49 29 Aug 2013

Also in Win 7 right click the sound icon on the notification area, select recording devices. In the pane that opens, right click a blank space and tick the boxes for, Show disabled devices and Show disconnected devices.

  rdave13 13:55 29 Aug 2013

Should also have added to make sure 'Line-in'is 'enabled'.

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